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The Little Roots Mindfulness Program is designed to support children ages 3 years and up while also supporting education and childcare staff and parents. Curriculum and practices are created to support cognitive, emotional, and social learning outcomes and are highly adaptable to individual, group, and organizations' specialized needs. 

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Program Details

Through an integration of yoga, art, and nature-based activities, we deliver high impact mindfulness programs that support the whole developing child. Pre-programmed and customized curriculum are created using backward design planning ensuring that activities are strategically aligned with learning and developmental goals of education and childcare centers.  

In addition to considering learning and developmental goals, children's development ages, interests, abilities, and backgrounds as well as the culture of the learning environment guide not only curriculum development but also implementation of the program so as to deliver the highest level of safety, inclusion, and support. 

For sample curriculum and lesson plans, please click any of the following:

Sample Curriculum

Sample Lesson Plan

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Program Outcomes

  • Increasing the child's awareness of personal strengths, challenges, and needs

  • Developing the child's internal resources, for greater coping, self-discipline, and self-regulation

  • Providing support in repairing relationships when problems arise within the learning or daycare environment

  • Supporting the child's cognitive functioning and problem solving, building greater resilience and adaptability to change

  • Fostering kindness, curiosity, and trust within the classroom or daycare community so that learning and retention is amplified

While the aforementioned are general outcomes, the program is highly customizable to organizations' specific needs. 

The general developmental outcomes of the Little Roots program are:

  • Creating safe, inclusive learning communities that support the cognitive, emotional, and social well-being of the developing child

  • Increasing the child's awareness of self, others, and the environment and how each impact one another



Program Cost

All mindfulness programs are offered on a flexible scale based on FRL percentage, number of children, and school or childcare budget. For discounted rates, a minimum of six (6) classes is required. Please see the tables below for details.

Education Rates

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Daycare Rates

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For special events or options less than six (6) classes or if you need additional financial assistance to support programming in your school or childcare setting, please contact Tara Grainger directly at or 720-740-2545.

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