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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to one's life - in the here and now - with compassion and curiosity. 

Why should I consider a mindfulness practice?

There are many benefits of having a regular mindfulness practice, but the most profound we have experienced at Root To Rise are:

  • Enhanced cognitive, social, and emotional development

  • Increased awareness of one's strengths, needs, and challenges

  • Greater recognition of emotional experiences and how these impact behavior

  • Development of internal resources that aid greater coping, self-discipline, and self-regulation skills

  • Greater ability to repair relationships when conflict arises

  • Increased resilience and adaptability to change

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How do you practice mindfulness?

There are many ways to practice mindfulness, and no one way is right or wrong, good or bad. It's really about what works for you in any given moment. At Root To Rise, we love using yoga, art, and nature-based activities to practice mindfulness. Try the following mindfulness activity and notice how you feel throughout and after the practice.

Walking meditation

Go outside for a walk. If possible, choose a location where you are surrounded by nature.


As you walk, anchor your attention to your inhales and exhales. Take a few rounds of natural, unforced breath, just noticing how the breath feels entering and exiting your body. 


Now, shift your attention to your feet. Feel each part of your foot as it makes contact with the earth. Play with how you walk: walk on the outside of your feet, walk on your tiptoes, lift your knees high, et cetera. Feel how sensations change with the alternating of your steps. 


Bring attention now to your senses: 

  • What do you initially see? Take a moment to notice.

  • What if you change your view - go to a higher perspective or a lower one or reverse your direction; what do you see now? 

  • Is there an object you see that feels safe to touch? What does the texture feel like on your skin? Does it remind you of anything?

  • What do you hear? What's the farthest sound? The closest sound? How do the sounds impact you? 

  • Do you smell anything? Is it pleasant or not? Does it trigger any other sensations?


If possible, sit for a moment in stillness within an open space, absorbing all of nature’s nourishment, and thank it for allowing you to explore. 


Some questions to consider after the walking meditation: 

  • How does your body feel after exploring the outdoors? 

  • What was significant or interesting as you walked? 

  • What new learning or understanding do you have now? 

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Want More Mindfulness Practices? 

Select any of the videos below for easy 5-15 minute practices you can do anytime, anywhere.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Mindfulness Break 1.2: Connecting with Kind Wishes

Mindfulness Break 1.2: Connecting with Kind Wishes

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Mindfulness Break 1.0: Connecting with the Environment

Mindfulness Break 1.0: Connecting with the Environment

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