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Private coaching

Private coaching sessions are now available for ages 3 years and up! Discover what a private mindfulness practice can do for you...

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Private coaching practices help you connect with your body's infinite wisdom using a multidisciplinary approach to mindfulness. Private coaching sessions amplify this connection through:

  • Customized practices that target your key goals and needs

  • Individualized, special attention during your practices

  • Guaranteed supportive, confidential settings where trauma can be released privately

  • Safe, inclusive space to develop and practice new skills without interruption from others

The Benefits

To begin the private coaching journey, we start with:

  • A free 1-hour consultation to discuss your wellness goals and needs and how mindfulness can support you.

  • A free questionnaire to discover initial goals, needs, and challenges 

  • After the questionnaire and consultation are completed, a plan is developed and reviewed to ensure that your goals will be met.

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How the process

Pricing plans

The Private

The Private Coaching Plan is ideal for individuals who are interested in making mindfulness a way of life and are committed to practicing regularly for the greatest impact. The plan includes the following:

  • A customized mindfulness program tailored to your goals and needs

  • One-to-one private coaching (you choose how long and frequently) utilizing various tools for mindfulness

  • Additional personalized mindfulness activities to deepen your self-exploration outside of coaching sessions

  • 24-48 hour response Monday-Friday to your calls and texts

  • Access to additional online mindfulness practices

Root to Rise provides a three-tiered social justice pricing plan. We ask that you reflect on what you are able to contribute prior to purchasing. Discounted packages and payment plans are available. Please let us know if additional financial assistance is needed! No one will be refused for lack of funds. For more information regarding costs of services and packages, please see below or contact us at 720-740-2545. 

The Cost

Three-tiered Social Justice Pricing Plans

Community Plan

The Community Plan is available for people who need financial assistance for wellness programs. 

Sustainer Plan

The Sustainer Plan is available for people who have financial resources to sustain their enrollment in wellness programs.

Supporter Plan

The Supporter Plan is available for people who have financial resources to support themselves and others in the community.

Community Tier

1-3 Sessions/month

4-7 Sessions/month

8+ Sessions/month




Sustainer Tier

1-3 Sessions/month

4-7 Sessions/month

8+ Sessions/month




Supporter Tier

1-3 Sessions/month

4-7 Sessions/month

8+ Sessions/month




Free Consultation

For more information and to discover the best plan for you, please book a free 1 hour consultation. Use this time to explain why you are seeking to integrate mindfulness into your life and learn how a regular practice can benefit you. 

Here's what's included in the call:

  • An opportunity to discuss your health and wellness goals

  • Explore challenges and concerns you have encountered

  • Discuss how mindfulness supports the whole body

  • Discover the right mindfulness practice for you and/or your family

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