Root to Rise provides mindfulness practices that bring awareness to one’s life - in the here and now - using movement, art, and nature-based activities. Through these practices, we support the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of the individual while also developing a complete internal toolbox of resources for greater coping and self-regulation anytime, anywhere.


what is mindfulness?

Poppy Wall

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to one's life in the here and now with compassion and curiosity. 

what are the benefits of mindfulness?

There are many benefits to having a regular mindfulness practice:

  • Increased awareness of one's personal strengths, challenges, and needs

  • Greater recognition of emotional experiences and how these experiences impact behavior

  • Greater coping, self-discipline, and self-regulation

  • Greater ability to repair relationships with problems arise

  • Increased resilience and adaptability to change


what is the Root to rise approach to mindfulness?

At Root to Rise, we explore various topics using a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on the Five Elements of Mindfulness using an integration yoga, art, and nature-based activities. The Five Elements of Mindfulness practiced in each experience are:

  • Connect Element - creating awareness of self, others, and the environment and how each impact one another.

  • Breathe Element - supporting the nervous system through intentional breathing, helping to create equilibrium within the body.

  • Move Element - supporting the nervous system through intentional movement, helping to create equilibrium in the body while also helping to develop gross motor and fine motor movements, release retained primitive reflexes, and connect with what feels safe and nourishing to the body during any given moment.

  • Focus Element - noticing where the mind wanders and supporting it to come back to the here and now.

  • Relax Element - supporting the decompression of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body so that deep relaxation and rest can occur.

By exploring the Five Elements of Mindfulness, individuals not only bring attention to one's life in the here and now but also begin building an internal toolbox to self-regulate and navigate life's challenges.



Tara holds many degrees, certifications, and credentials in the following areas:

  • B.S. in Psychology

  • M.S. in English Education

  • Certification of Innovation and Creativity

  • Certification in Points of You Life Coaching

  • 200 Hour Certification in Shambhavanda Yoga

  • 85 Hour Certification in Pregnancy Yoga

  • 95 Hour Certification in Kids Mindfulness & Yoga

  • Credentials in Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Credentials in Yoga for People with Special Needs 

  • Credentials in Chair Yoga

  • Credentials in Art as Therapy

Tara Grainger

After an extensive career in education and a life in Florida, Tara left everything in 2019 to pursue a more awakened existence. She eventually landed in Colorado, and like many, instantly fell in love with the mountains. Soon after moving, COVID struck her small mountain community, shutting down opportunities for social connection. Taking this as a sign from nature, Tara cocooned in her new environment, studying multiple disciplines of yoga, playing with art as therapy and healing, and regularly hiking and meditating in the forests surrounding her home.  Little did she realize that these activities would not only support her own healing journey but soon would support others' healing journeys in the form of mindfulness practices.


Yoga, Art, Nature - these are the pillars of Root to Rise. Together, they allow one to safely explore the inner landscape, discovering all the richness and light buried within, waiting to be remembered and embodied once more.