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The tools of Mindfulness
Family Stretch


Art Fun


Discover the body's wisdom using the 5 Elements of yoga: connect, breath, move, focus and relax.

Utilize art, creativity, and innovation as anchors for exploring one's inner landscape.

Enjoying Nature


Reconnect with nature and experience the oneness with all of life. 


"The Root to Rise Mindfulness program for kids is wonderful for mental fortitude, slowing things down and teaching emotional skills in a way that's relatable for kids."

~ Sarah

"Tara has helped me to find ways to ground myself and feel internally stable, even in the midst of external instability while also discovering a pathway to my personal spirituality that helps me access joy and peace."

~ Laura

"My daycare kids look forward to our mindfulness and yoga class twice a month and love Mrs. Tara! Our age range is 20 months to 3 years. She is able to get all the kids engaged by making it fun and age appropriate while also incorporating learning activities during each session. I have watched the children grow in their yoga moments. If you are looking for a great way to engage children in mindfulness and movement, I highly recommend Mrs. Tara and her classes."

~ Carrie

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